Beautiful, Pandemic Donegal

Greetings from beautiful Donegal.

Wherever you are reading this in the world we hope that you are safe, loved and healthy.

The last few weeks have seen daily life as we once knew it, turned upside down. Its unbelievable how we as people and community have adapted to the changes so willingly. Us Irish, are always good for the late nights and craic, but the last few weeks have proven that we do not take huge global pandemics lightly. Every county in Ireland has heeded the government warnings – listening and mostly abiding. I feel like our skeleton government have merged together for the greater good of the whole country and are playing an absolute blinder.  I’ve always been proud to be Irish, but now even more so….

A wise man once said, “If you want God to laugh, tell him your plans”. This is certainly relevant to the whole global audience at the moment. We have all had big plans sacrificed and thrown to the wind to help flatten the curve. My phone currently goes Bing, Bing every other hour with cancellations and plans on hold until better times ahead…..Hey – but that’s perfectly okay. This is exactly what the world needs right now….

A break from the hustle and bustle…this “rat race” that many of us call “normal life”. Over the past few weeks we have been suddenly forced to SLOW DOWN….it’s  not such a bad thing. For the most part, my social media feeds are full of fresh new filled posts which contain loveliness – baking, art, music, family, births, sport, activities, self care, family and more importantly an overwhelming vibe towards an overpouring of kindness from people in general. In times of need you really do see the cream rise to the top. The media will always report the negative but my goodness there are soooo many positives that remain within the perimeter of the media – look for the light in the darkness – you will find it…

In other thoughts,  I do wonder in short about life in general – have we created this global emergency ourselves?? Have we taken so much for granted for so long that a higher power is finally letting us know that not everything is within our control?? Have we become so high and mighty and intelligent that we feel that we have no need for family, love or God/that higher power whomever that may be for you?

This pandemic for me alone has made me appraise my life…the things that make me happy now are minute. Saying a friendly hello, sharing a smile, when a friend walks past your house – running out to stop and say hello and chat at a distance because you haven’t seen anyone for days…brisk walks with family – kicking balls and having fun!

Our frontline workers I’m in awe of – of which there are too many to mention individually – but most importantly our healthcare staff,  who have been striking and petitioning for so long for better wages, better hours, more amenities – I hope to God that when this all ends that they finally get the relief that they deserve – they are the glue holding our nation together – risking their lives and that of their families to look after us, the public. They should be knighted and sainted – their call in life is the ultimate sacrifice – many of us are sitting at home locked up and afraid but yet they get up and gown everyday to save people –  whom up until last week may not have even listened to their pleas!!!

Beep, beep…my phone is still rattling. Yes – we are sorry that 2020, which was shaping up to be an amazing year for tourism, is not what we or you wanted. As most of you have already been informed, I promise that your deposits will all be refunded – none of us asked for this, and we don’t intend to sacrifice anyone any further. We look forward to hosting you in better days ahead – they will come – but for now, your safety is our biggest concern.

As I walked along White Strand Beach, Buncrana, Co. Donegal today I realised how lucky and blessed I am. There is nowhere in the world that I would rather spend isolation time. My fortunate 2km radius of my home is a far cry from a small, hot, top floor apartment, within a large city wherein only 1 family member can leave the house at one time. I’m grateful that my kids can laugh and play when they escape our home with fresh air in their lungs with a breath-taking backdrop that only some people can dream of.

We look forward to better days and welcoming you all back to this wonderful part of the world when the world finally heals. For now – please stay indoors and stay safe. This is only the bottom of the curve. There will be sorrow, but only we, can lessen that by playing our parts.

Donegal is beautiful – amazing with its scenery, beaches, walks, hikes, cycles, festivals, music and so much more. I promise that tourism will await you with open arms – if you can sit this one out.

As Seamus Heaney once said, “If we can Winter this one out, we can Summer anywhere”.

God bless you all and keep you safe until you arrive in Donegal again.

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An ode to Donegal - we love it. we live it, we want it to heal...