We are stronger than we know…the dark days are over

Has anyone else experienced the electric excitement build up over the past 24 hours???

We are finally permitted to open from 2nd June 2021!!! Being in the hospitality trade – it has always been in my interest to engage with people – be it tourists, other trade members or political/government bodies. Together we are stronger always resonates hard with me.

For those of you who don’t know me personally, I hail from a strong construction background and have been working as a property valuation surveyor for over 20 years with the holiday home aspect towing into place since 2014. Like many of you out there I’m an avid viewer of the national news. I’ve keenly been listening to this saga unfold from December 2019. I remember driving in the car with the kids from a day out and whispers of a virus in China taking hold of a region. Whispers of it hailing from a bowl of soup…which may sound ludicrous, but it was real. This, of course, roused my attention and led to me reading the Irish Times on a daily basis like a lunatic onlooking at scenes of sparse city streets with no people or traffic – as if the apocalypse was coming!!!

I’ve always had an interest in current affairs but this interest began to take its toll as I watched horror stories unfold from empty Chinese streets to coffin ridden streets in Italy and nothing but worry began to consume my everyday life….


We’ve come so far in the space of a year… I said goodbye to my deskside workmate Rose-Marie back in March 2020 from our MG Architects office deskspaces and told her I would see her again in 2022….to that comment – she howled and thought I was a lunatic but I felt the heaviness of what was coming perhaps long before the actual realisation kicked in…

Yesterday, however has been a gamechanger…Fast forward to April 2021. Yes – our nation has suffered huge losses but we have also held strong. To date over 1m people have received their first vaccination in Ireland. Of that, 411,150 are fully vaccinated.  As of today, we have the lowest number of infectious cases in Ireland since 02/10/20. Finally – the trend stats are looking good.

Last nights government announcement brought with it a great deal of optimism and joy.

Donegal Self Catering Holiday Homes

After the longest lockdown we can now look forward to welcoming people back to our counties for pleasure and leisure, within weeks!

Staycations are finally permitted and just around the corner. There’s never been a better time to explore Ireland. Although we are well through bookings at www.wildatlanticwanderer.com, we still do have some limited availability left. I’ve spoken to so many Irish people who, like me, are just so delighted to be released again after such a long confinement that they are happy to use 2021 as the year to explore Ireland. Tick those boxes…stamp that Wild Atlantic Way passport..take the photos and seize the day. We are nation bound to the plane – with the Irish weather track record we know no better than jumping on the first plane headed south out of Dublin, Belfast, Cork or Derry.

Today – our government finally showered us with rainbows and sunshine – but that was only due to the fact that we have all held on so tight for so long and made so many sacrifices as a nation….I think that in years from now when this all just seems like a dream – we will look back and applaude ourselves for making the sacrifices, waiting it out and surviving.

We might also perhaps remember the time when the world made us slow down…it made us stop and think about what’s important. Without choice, many of us were made redundant. However – we might also remember it as a time of freedom, soul searching and creativity. I know that I will forever savour the one time things that I thought were simple and relish being handed a meal, drink, taken on a tour, going to a concert. The world was our oyster. Had we become too brazen and unappreciative?

I soooo look forward to better days ahead. The re-opening of beautiful Ireland and the release of all its fun, indigenous talkative, fun, charismatic people and the vibrant hum of life back on our main streets.

This nation is filled with beauty but you – its people, make it even more amazing. This draw of attention comes from all its counties and far off countries – we cannot wait to welcome them back into our open arms…

This is our time to get back to life as we once knew it yet in a safer environment. Time to explore our hills, mountains, beaches and scenery to die for.

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In the strangest year that I have known

Reopening Ireland for staycations!!!!
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